Saturday, June 20, 2009

BBBC Final

What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

Okay, okay, I am a day late! But yesterday was super busy and full of things like Rocky Horror and sleep and working and ya know. Hehe.

So, I got to meet some cool new people, and that was fun. I got to tell Katat0nik how awesome I think she is, also fun. I did blog (almost) every day, which was new for me.

Will it change the future of my blog? Perhaps. Maybe it brought me some readers. Then again... maybe not. =P

If there is one again next year, I will definitely participate!

Oh, and here is my Eddie costume from last night. Not quite as detailed as I'd hoped, but pretty good! Had a blast. =)


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Blogger's Choice! Write about anything you want!

Meh. meh meh meh! That's how I feel today!

I don't much feel like writing but I am not going to let the BBBC down!

Most prominent on my mind as I tool around SL.... I really, really, REALLY hate the new radial menu lay out. Every time I go to take off clothing or an attachment I find myself going into edit appearance mode. It is SOOOOO annoying.

I do admit that it's nice being able to access the regular menu items even from a prim attachment, however, why did the layout have to change?! CRY! CRY CRY!

Tomorrow I am going to watch Rocky Horror with a bunch of friends and we are all dressing up. I guarantee no one will recognize me. SO excited!

But for now, I am meh. Not wanting to go to work tonight, meh and more meh. + extra meh.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BBBC #4: My love affair with Katat0nik

"If there was someone you could trade places with for one day in Second Life, who would it be and why? Bonus points if you find this person and snap a picture with them!"

Warning: This is gonna be a long one!
Warning 2: Kat, you might be embarrassed when you read this. Sorry. =P

First I have to mention something that made me giggle. I have seen a lot of posts today about people not wanting to trade their SL for anyone else's, because they love theirs and it is oh so perfect. And while of course that opinion is perfectly valid, I personally feel they've missed the spirit of the question to an extent. This question is not about shedding your SL forevAr and becoming someone else because your own SL is inadequate - far from it! This is about taking a day in the shoes of someone you admire, and having them spend a day in yours. It's only for a day people! =P Is there honestly no one else's perspective you'd rather experience? Hehe.
Anyway, not trying to be unkind to other posters at all, it just made me think of how differently this challenge could be viewed.

Moving on!

Where to begin. Ahem. *checks notecards* Ummmm..... *feedback sounds* Err..... I love Katat0nik!!!!!!!

Ok, now that that's out of the way... let me tell you about my very favorite store, my very favorite sim, my very favorite designer, Katat0nik! She is amazing! Her store is amazing! Anyone who's shopped there knows this, from the amazing and ever evolving building and landscape, to the super fun fishing, the free gifts that randomly appear while you're shopping, the fabu "anyone who's anyone" is there lucky chair - from top to bottom it is an amazing experience.

Just 8 days after my rez day: Katat0nik was the first
group I ever joined in SL. Katat0nik was the first pick I made in my profile. (and I found out today I need to update that, lol.) It was the store at which I made my first major purchase, the Very Cherry in blue. I've been in SL a comparatively short time in relation to most of the other bloggers in this challenge, my beginnings were not so long ago...though it feels like ages! I remember the feeling of buying this dress so clearly, hehe. The store was TINY then, it was pretty but nothing compared to the way it is today. There was of course, a lucky chair with dozens of fashionistas, lolitas and dolls crowded around it. I didn't know what the huck a lucky chair was, so I didn't bother with that. =P I saw this dress and I was just... omg... omg... omg WANT! But of course I had no money... and that was also the day I learned about buying Lindens! Hehehe. And so a shopper-monster was born...

When I put the dress on for the first time, I truly felt like I was starting to live a second life. It transported me to a different place, a different feeling than I had ever felt. I was suddenly adorable, suddenly different, sudden
ly Hannelore! And I didn't take it off for days and days. =)

I once had an issue with one of the vendors at the shop when SL was being funky, and Kat was happy to fix it right away. She was so k
ind, and friendly, and I was totally in awe of her. I was also surprised, because she must of course be busy creating and building and being fabulous or whatever. =P Often, store owners or designers are a little harried, in a hurry, not impolite but also not very chat-friendly in the way that Kat was.

Today when I approached her about doing a photo with me at her sim for this post, she was, as always, friendly and gracious. She agreed to do the picture with me, and we chatted a little bit. I managed to get what I think is a pretty cute shot of us just chillin like villains in front of her shop near the cute lil street lamp thingers. She was so sweet and patient and I realized that this was the REAL reason I had wanted her to be the one for my post. I mean yeah, getting to try out such a creative, busy, profitable SL was no little thang, but to be able to handle ALL of that craziness with such aplomb and friendliness at the same time?! That is something I admire. Someone who hasn't let her SL fame and success affect her manner, who is kind and polite to all who message her regardless of the reason or her circumstance.

So I admire her for all kinds of things, as a merchant and an artist, a builder and more. But most of all I admire Katat0nik for her simple human kindness and awesome personality. Keep on keepin on, Kat, because you rock! XD

Lastly, here is my latest purchase, Le Cu
pcake. I've been coveting it for months and finally gave in. =P

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"You've been given a sim of your very own to use for free for one year. However, there are 3 rules. It cannot be residential, it cannot be commercial, and it has to be open to the public. What do you do with it?"


Ok, the first thing I would do is find all the giant kitty and bunny statues with sit animations in them, and then I would place them all around like they were frolicking happily as cute fluffy baby things do.

Then around them I would design a beautiful field (low lag, of course) with flowers and butterflies and cute lil birdies.

Then I would have little prizes hidden in the field in things like eggs or mushrooms - these would be rare and as well hidden as possible, so only the extra curious could find them. The prizes could be anything from Lindens to Shoes to a Kitty or Bunny chair of your very own.

I would have a choice of a bunch of different music streams that visitors could adjust themselves.

I would have tons and tons of animations stuck into random things so people could take lots of
cute pictures.

Some nights we would show movies or episodes of Buffy - all free of charge of course.

This would be called "The Happy Place" and everyone
who came would be. :D I hope so anyway, it would make me happy!

Like this, but times a thousand and with more kitten.

Foam Hair & a note about my ears

First things first!

Yes, my ears in SL stick out a fair bit. I like them that way... I think it's a little bit humanizing and I like my av to be not "TOO" perfect, ya know? I want her to have a little personality, so she's pretty short, has sticky out ears and a pear-shaped body type. All of this is intentional, and only because I feel like making one of my eyes "popped" or my mouth skewed off like it's gonna run off my face is creepy, do I not take it further.

The side benefit to the ears thing is, it helps me fit in more hairs without needing to adjust the ear setting for every different hair, or modify the sides of the hair. So that's that about the ears, k! =P

Moving on!

So I was at a concert today and saw a girl near me with absolutely fabulous hair. Being my ever curious self, I had to immediately ask where it was from. The answer? Foam!

"Hmmm" I though to meself, "Foam Hair?"

But no! I went to the store and was very pleasantly surprised!! :D I picked up two absolutely beautiful hairs and I don't ever, ever want to take them off! Ever! What the hell rock was I living under when this place came out?! Why have I never read about it? I love!

Now, I'm typically a short hair/up-do kind of girl, because I loathe the way long hair gets stuck in my boobs and shoulders. It makes me literally twitch irl so we can't have that, can we! I tried on the short styles first and they were nice but not OMG nice. And then I tried on the following two delicious master pieces. Picture spam, ahoy! (Shamefully, not all pictures same-sized. Will make mental note to do better next time!)

Pictures do not do these hairs justice. I strongly urge you to check out the demos yourself at Foam, because they are so full of movement and the textures look so soft and pretty! Love!

First, The Drifter (this is the one I saw on the girl at the concert, though hers was brown.)

And now, The Melody (lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove)

And finally, the whole shebang. This is one of my all time favorite dresses, the Divine Miss Dita from Icing. Shoes are Starley Pumps from ETD.

Stay Classy, San Diego!

Monday, June 15, 2009


"Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like."

I would wake up and login to new items from all of my favorite designers. Everything would cost zero Lindens for the buyer but the designer would still get full profit. (Hey, the economy is irrelevant in fantasy land!)

All the sims would be lag free and everyone would rez fully within 10 seconds of landing.

My friends would all be logged in at the same time (even the ones who have poofed!) and would all get along and have a great big party together.

My special other half in SL would magically appear one day, and we would know it was true SLove immediately - but would take it appropriately slowly. ^_~

People who had bitter fights about stupid things and drama would find the courage to say I was wrong, I'm sorry.

Possibly we'd all stand around singing kumbaya or something. =P


Visit here for instructions to get in on the movement.

There are a lot of things I could say about this as a former Californian, an equal opportunity lover, concerned citizen, cousin and friend to homosexual men and women, and decent human being. Instead, I'm going to say nothing at all.

This is a really nice song. Listen if it pleases you. =)