Saturday, June 20, 2009

BBBC Final

What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

Okay, okay, I am a day late! But yesterday was super busy and full of things like Rocky Horror and sleep and working and ya know. Hehe.

So, I got to meet some cool new people, and that was fun. I got to tell Katat0nik how awesome I think she is, also fun. I did blog (almost) every day, which was new for me.

Will it change the future of my blog? Perhaps. Maybe it brought me some readers. Then again... maybe not. =P

If there is one again next year, I will definitely participate!

Oh, and here is my Eddie costume from last night. Not quite as detailed as I'd hoped, but pretty good! Had a blast. =)


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